Think of each trip around the board as a year in your life. Investing with the goal of being able to retire. Early in the game, you might purchase more risky assets with higher returns, then later in the game sell the risky stocks for safer, more stable investments. Strategies to win vary from game to game depending on the other players actions and your ability to make the best of your situation. The player to successfully retire with the most assets wins!

- Buy and Sell Stocks, ETFs (Exchange Traded Fund), Bonds, Gold, and more...

- Learn the impact of BETA, PE ratios, Risk, Diversity, Dividends, Yield, Brokerage Fees, and other basics of the stock market.

- Think Globally - See how the Stock Market is affected by world events such as by politics, weather, and lots more...


Ages 10+

2-6 Players


Fun for the entire family! Easy rules for a faster game or get serious and play the full version with advanced deals like Mergers, Stock Options, and more.... 

Game board, 2 dice, 6 player pieces, 20 World Event cards, 40 Stock Alert cards, 90 Stock Block cards, 5 Merger spaces, 115 Stock Coins, Money, Rules Booklet, and Quick Start Guide.




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