Can you survive long enough to win?

Bite-Me combines an epic battle of survival between Humans, Vampires, Werewolves, and Zombies with hilarious quirky artwork, cheesy puns, and strategy for the ultimate card game.

Turn other players into Vampires, Zombies, or Werewolves and then kill them. Slay one of each type of Monster and you win! Watch Out, others will be attacking you. Donít get bitten or you turn into a Monster and start biting others. Plot your strategy to use magical objects, spells, and weapons to battle Monsters, defend yourself, or become human again.



Ages 8+

2-6 Players

30-45 mins

Fun for the entire family or for parties and groups! Easy rules for a faster game to learn and play. 

Bite-Me Contains:

v90 Cards

16 Infection Cards ,24 Attack Cards, 16 Defense Cards, 9 Rejuvenate Cards, 8 Strength Cards, 7 Movement Cards, and 9 I am a Ö.. Cards

v36 Kill/RIP Coins
v6 Score Sheets
vRules Booklet


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