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How can I order a lost part of the game?    Simply email us under "About Us" -> "Contact Us" and we will help you.
When can I order your game and get free shipping with Amazon Prime?    NOW! We are now part of the Amazon PRIME program. Get FREE shipping from Amazon. 
Can you order the game in Spanish or other languages?    Please let us know what language you would like and we will look into that. Presently, English is the only language we publish.
Can color-blind people play?   Yes, Bite Me was designed with color-blindness in mind. Each card color has a slightly different outline so it is a very color-blind friendly game.
I have a question on the rules?    Simply email us under "About Us" -> "Contact Us" and we will help you.

Clarification on Some Rules

Chalice Card - Typo - Word has been cut off at bottom of card * Should have the word "killed" that was cut off in production.
Bite This Card - typo * loose should be "lose". Yes, proof checker person has been fired...
Bite Me Card battle involving a "human"   The "Bite Me" card can be used by or on a human player. If the human loses this battle, the losing human becomes the same species as the winner and an Alpha battle happens.
Reflection Shield Card reflects back card not matching card  who you can attack   Confusing right! Here's an example. Human plays "Stake Card" on a vampire, vampire plays "Reflection Shield". Therefore, the Stake card is reflected back at a human. Since a Stake can not hurt a human, the vampire is protected but the battle ends same as any other protection card.
Revenge Card - Can a player who suffers his/her 4th death still play a revenge card?   Yes, they can still play a revenge card and then they are eliminated from the game.
  * Let us know if this really annoys you and we will mail you the replacement cards. Just send us an email with your mailing address information..




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