Just a few of the terms that you will learn as you play the $tock Exchange Game.  You do not need to know any of these terms to play and have a great time. (Most of these terms will be defined during the normal play of the game by the World Event or Stock Alert Cards) 


Term Definition
Asset The items of value a person owns. Ex: Stock, Bonds, Gold, Money, etc. 
Bear Market Stock market continues to fall
Beta Beta is an indicator the risk of a stock. The higher the Beta number, the riskier the stock.
Bond Certificate issued by a government or a public company promising to repay borrowed money at a fixed rate of interest at a specified time. A 30 yr. US Bonds is guaranteed by the government that pays you interest. 
Bull Market Stock market continues to Rise
CME Stock Exchange Chicago Mechitile Exchange is a Stock Exchange in Chicago IL
Commodities Commodities can be taken or grown from the earth. Example are copper, coal, coffee, wheat, gold, etc.. 
Cyber Attack  Electronic maliciuos attack over the internet
Diversified A mixture of different types of stocks and/or assets
Dividend  % of companies profits  paid to stock owners
DOW Jones (DOW) An average of 30 large-cap industrial stocks
Economist  Offers educated insight and opinion on international news, politics, business, Stock, finance, etc. 
Euro The currency shared between most European countries (Euro-Zone)
Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) This is a group of stocks that is managed by a third company. You can buy shares of an ETF just like any of other stock. This type of fund is more diversified and typically safer.
Export Sell goods or services outside the US 
Export tariff A type of tax on goods shipped out of the country
Fair Market Value This is value the Stock is worth at transaction time. This equals the base stock price listed on the stock space and the stock coins on that space at the time of the transaction.
FDA Food and Drug Administration - regulates and approves new drugs in the USA
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) A measure an economic health 
Index Fund A group of stocks that are set up to track a particular part of the stock market. (Examples: S&P 500, DOW Jones)
Inflation Inflation simply means the buying power of money going down. A gallon of milk cost more today than it did 2 years ago. 
Insider Trading Stock purchase or sale influenced by non-public information
IPO Initial Public Offering
Large Caps Large-Cap means companies valued > 10 Billion Dollars
Lobbyists A person who takes part in an organized attempt to influence legislators
Market Rally Stock Market going up
Mid Caps Medium size companies valued between 2-10 Billion Dollars
NASDAQ stock exchange Stock Exchange in New York which has most of the Technology stocks
NYSE stock exchange New York Stock Exchange is the largest in the world
PE (Stock Price / Earning) may indicate a company is Expensive
PEG May Indicate if a company will grow larger in the future
PRE-IPO Pre-IPO Company that is about to sell their stock in the stock market for the first time. IPO means Initial Public Offering.
Portfolio A collect of stock or assets
Recession A recession is when GDP (Gross Domestic Product) falls two quarters in a row. Indicates an economy is not doing well. 
Revolving debt Credit Cards and other forms of loans in which the payments are mostly interest which make it difficult to pay off.
Russell Index A small business stock index that allows investors to track the performance of distinct market segments
S&P 500 (Standard and Poor) An index of 500 of the largest stocks in the NYSE and NASDAQ
SEC Securities and Exchange Commission
Small Caps Companies valued between 3 Million to 2 Billion Dollars
Stock Block  This is a block of shares of a stock. IE - A single share of "Face It Media" sells for $100. A block of 100 shares would be valued at $10K ($100/share X 100 shares). This is referred to as 1 Stock block of "Face It Media" values at $10K.
Stock Broker A person who buys and sells securities on a stock exchange on behalf of clients
Stock Exchange This is a market in which stocks are bought and sold. There are several US stock exchanges and many more around the world. Examples are NYSE, NASDAQ, CHX, and more. Most major economies have one more stock exchanges.
Stock Market Analysts A person who research stocks and advise investors
Stock Market Crash A sharp decline across all sectors of stock. Investors panic, sell even more, and makes a crash worse.
Stock Market Exchange Is a marketplace that securities, commodities, and stocks are traded in person or electronically. 
Stock Sector A group of stocks that are all in the same area or do similar things. 
Stock Ticker Abbreviation for a stock name used in the Stock Exchange. Tickers are 1 to 4 letters depending on the exchange.
Strike Price The price fixed by the seller or buyer of a security after receiving bids.
Supply and Demand How many of an item and how many people want that item affects the cost of the item. 
The Fed U.S. Federal Reserve which is the central bank of the United States
Transaction The purchase or sale of stock or other asset
Yield  % of stock value paid to owner




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