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How can I order a lost part of the game?    Simply email us under "About Us" -> "Contact Us" and we will help you.
Can I Pre-Order the Expansion Pack?   Pre-Orders will start later this year. Please watch the "News and Stuff" or join our mailing list under "Members" to get the exact date.
When can I order your game and get free shipping with Amazon Prime?    NOW! We are now part of the Amazon PRIME program. Get FREE shipping from Amazon. 
Can you order the game in Spanish or other languages?    Please let us know what language you would like and we will look into that. Presently, English is the only language we publish.
I have a question on the rules?    Simply email us under "About Us" -> "Contact Us" and we will help you.

Clarification on Some Rules

AARP space on the board diagonal   If landed on, player receives $20K
What happened if I draw a card that removed a coin but the stock has no coins?   Stock can not fall below the base price printed on the board. No action is needed.
What happens if a Stock Alert or World Event says to jump to another space?   You move your player piece to that location and continue as if you just landed on that space. (buy/sell or draw a stock alert card)




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